The demands of the sector require the most advanced technology

The dynamism of the aeronautics industry requires its players to respond at the same speed

At Gaptek we know how to beat the clock, provide excellence and offer turnkey solutions that meet each one of our client’s requirements.

Our solutions




Engine workshops



Airport terminals






MRO warehouses






Gaptek is a synonym of trust

Short assembly time

Predesigned solutions for a quick on-site assembly

Turnkey solutions

From the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the buildings

Predefined quality

All constructive elements comply with CE marking and undertake quality controls

Energy efficiency

Passive systems are incorporated for major energy savings

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance thanks to the aluminum structure, even in aggressive environments


Expandible solutions thanks to the use of the modular architecture principle

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Why Gaptek as an infrastructural solution in aeronautics?

Gaptek has developed an own construction system with a series of techniques and innovative materials that are used in aeronautical technology. The optimization of material and an exhaustive control of times and costs, as well as quality, allow us to differentiate ourselves from traditional solutions.

What aeronautical products does Gaptek offer?

The great versatility of the Gaptek System allows its application not only in different sectors but also for different types of infrastructures and buildings. In the aeronautics sector, the most common solutions are maintenance hangars, shelters, warehouses, workshops and offices.

What is Gaptek’s expertise in the aeronautics sector?

Gaptek has an extensive expertise in the design, supply, construction and maintenance of aeronautical buildings. The most representative ones are four maintenance hangars for the A400M, which were delivered to Airbus, OCCAR and the Spanish Airforce, a 32,000 sqm Cargo Facility for Turkish Airlines, and A400M engine workshops and warehouses for the Spanish Airforce, among others.

What is Gaptek’s scope? Can you build everywhere in the world?

Gaptek can design and build constructive solutions everywhere in the world and adapt to any kind of regulation and the most extreme weather conditions. Nowadays we are present in more than 20 countries and 5 continents, including the Antarctica.

What regulations do Gaptek buildings comply with?

Gaptek can adapt its solutions to any regulation. Our standards are generally based on the IBC, Eurocodes and CTE.

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