Airbus chooses a Gaptek hangar for the A400M

Feb 12, 2019

The aeronautical constructor Airbus Defence and Space has rented a Hangar in the Real Maestranza of Seville, which will serve to perform various maintenance tasks and for the modernization of the A400 military aircraft.

The European consortium reports that with these new facilities, added to the others 11,000 square metres of platform yielded by the Spanish Air Force, “The implementation weight of the A400M program is increasing in the plant of San Pablo’s airport”. This implementation supposes a significant extension in the final assembly line.


The hangar, which comes under the Greenmark S.L. Program, relies on a Collaboration Agreement with the Spanish Air Force. The hangar has been developed by GAPTEK, a Spanish Company specialized in the design and execution of modular buildings with quick assembly and the execution of singular projects in a short period of time. The Hangar A400 had to fulfil crucial specific features: big spanned structure without propping, assembled in short term and offering the possibility of being mountable, detachable and reusable.

Another outstanding feature lays on reused building materials, which practically are 100% recyclable, through efficient utilization of membranes for thermal insulation supported with the last technology in air cooling system and geothermic.

The Hangar A400 has 26 meters height by 90 meters length, the structure is made in aluminium, which combines the lightness of all components with a stiffness equivalent to Steel. The outer shell is composed by a tensile fabric and has a wind life load up to 140 km/h.

The competitive advantages and main characteristics of Gaptek’s buildings are not only the easy assembly in a short term, but also that are products deployable, storable and transportable.


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