Adaptable building is supplied to the Spanish Air Force

Jul 3, 2017

The adaptable building was supplied to the Second Squadron of Aerial Deployment Support (SEADA in Spanish), who built it autonomously after receiving the training and supervision by Gaptek

The building was delivered to the Spanish Air Force in two consecutive phases. During the first phase of the project, Gaptek supplied a rectangular-shaped adaptable building. And, in the second phase, two units were added, resulting in a U-shaped deployable building.

First, the contract was adjudicated on open tender by the Purchase Direction of the Spanish army’s Logistic Support Command. 


The great advantages that made Gaptek be the chosen company are the qualities of our own constructive system as it allows us to design and construct highly adaptable, scalable and relocatable adaptable and adjustable buildings in a reduced space of time. Our System also allows us to design and build permanent and semi-permanent buildings.

As a consequence, the deployable building has the comfort, qualities and characteristics that surpass the ones of traditional constructions, and the additional advantages of a high-tech modular system. Moreover, the Gaptek System allows great thermal insulated and high efficiency deployable buildings, thanks to the use of insulating panels and air chambers.

On the other hand, all our adaptable buildings greatly exceed the performance of traditional construction systems and other modular systems. We comply with technical regulations and standards, as well as the Spanish Building Code, Eurocodes and the applicable military standards. 

The uses of modular architecture are very broad, both for adaptable  or permanent buildings. And developing projects in the field of defense contributes with a great security and reliability since they are rulled by very rigorous technical codes.

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