Finalizing the construction of a 32,000sqm cargo facility for Turkish Airlines in Istanbul

Jan 28, 2019

The cargo facility will be located at the Istanbul New Airport (IGA) and will soon be used for logistic operations by Turkish Airlines (THY) Cargo.

THY’s cargo facility will serve as a satellite for the Main Cargo Facility, which is currently under construction. Its main purpose will be to offer internal logistic services for the Turkish Airlines Cargo.

For the execution of the cargo facility project, Gaptek collaborated with multinational companies such as ARUP and Kaylon during the project management.

The main aspects to be highlighted from the project are the short delivery and assembly times and Gaptek’s rapid construction in respond to the Turkish Airlines urgent needs.

The structure is made of aluminum and composed of frames joined by purlins. The structure is covered with a double skin composed of exterior corrugated sheet metal panels and interior sandwich panels.

There are two office zones for 200 employees inside the facility. Also, the building is equipped with cold rooms and rack areas. The cargo facility is composed of an export/transit operations area and a domestic and mailing operations area.

The facility is designed in order that one side of the building is intended to receive or unload cargo via landside transport, and the opposite side, via airside transport.

The Istanbul New Airport started its construction in 2013 on a 76,5 million sqm surface located in the north of Istanbul, 35 km away from the city center. Once its construction is finished, the airport will have the capacity to host 200 million passengers per year and flights to more than 350 destinations.

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