Gaptek is awarded the Leading Company Award for Permanent and Demountable Buildings at the La Razón Construction Awards 2019

May 10, 2019

We would like to share the article that the Spanish newspaper La Razón has published about the award that Gaptek received for being the Leading Company in Permanent and Demountable Buildings in the Construction Awards 2019

“Gaptek has been creating buildings for eight years through large structures articulated in the pieces, which reduces work times by 500% and cheapens the final product”

“The first ones to trust their idea were the personnel of the Infrastructure Directorate of the support command of the Air Force, who saw in Gaptek’s product the perfect characteristics to meet their needs: constructions of fast assembly and easily transportable, solid and comfortable, but economical and reusable and, as if that were not enough, scalable and efficient energetically speaking.

And so, with the vote of confidence of a large customer, Gaptek began to develop their modular technology constructions: “The objective was to design and build permanent buildings with compliance with all the regulations required for the use to which they are intended, but with the peculiarity that they could be demounted, transported and remounted in another location », explain from the company that today, after eight years in operation -11 if we count the three years of development of the business model-, it has grown on average by 150% and is present in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and even Antarctica, whose sales figure in 2018 was around 20 million.

For all, they have deserved the Prize for the Leading Company in the Construction of Permanent Detachable Buildings, although from the company itself they recognize that it could well be a “stubbornness prize”, because, they admit, “it was not easy at first to convince the engineers of the great companies of the benefits of the Gaptek system ».


But, what does this system consist of and where is its originality? “Basically what we have done has been to create pieces that can be assembled to build buildings, what we could call a Lego or Mecano system; The real advantage of this way of working is that, since the pieces do not undergo any alteration when assembled, in the case of disassembling the building, the pieces remain unchanged and, therefore, can be assembled and disassembled an unlimited number of times », explain direct sources of Gaptek.

This system based on structures composed of aluminum profiles joined by mechanical joints, in addition to making the buildings demountable and relocatable, allows the company to have total control over the three fundamental parameters of the projects: time, quality and cost. “We have really changed the concept of construction from executing a work to selling a product; this, without a doubt, shortens the times of implantation of the building in a 500%, as well as cheapens the final result », detail the experts.

Gaptek customers are “cutting-edge, highly technological and highly demanding” companies or even public entities of the weight of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain, a reality that the company understands as the best guarantee of its virtues. All this without forgetting that Gaptek works with a vision of 360º, offering services that go from the idea to the maintenance of each work: “In Gaptek we want to give complete solutions and, therefore, our teams accompany the client during all the phases in the execution of the project, starting with the conception and design of the building, the logistics of the materials, the construction and the maintenance and, in case that is wanted, in the dismantling, future storage and next construction », they assure from the company.”

The article above was published by La Razón. We would like to thank the team at La Razón for their support and this opportunity.

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