Infrastructural needs at the speed of aeronautics

Jan 28, 2019

Considering the fast growth and dynamic of the aeronautics sector, their infrastructures need to respond at the same speed


Traditional constructions are associated with a high cost and long implementation times, which can turn into a progressive loss to the end user, as it might not cover the market’s needs.

The high growth in the Asian market due to a substantial demand in Airlines reflected the need of the sector to adapt with larger and more autonomous aircrafts, following the example of the recent launch of the Airbus A321 NEO and the Boeing B747.

The constant innovation aeronautics and the increase in the concentration of market agents are resulting in stronger entry barriers requiring companies to extend their infrastructures in order to cover this demand. However, can it be said that infrastructures are evolving at the same speed as the aeronautics sector?

In general, a company’s investment in MRO facilities is defined for being long term and having high fixed and variable costs. Therefore, it is important to reduce them with a greater efficiency.

However, some companies are developing infrastructures that are shown capable to keep up with the speed of the sector, as well as providing the opportunity to get a profit with this investment thanks to the option of relocating the building for future uses.

In addition, considering the strong competition and the importance of reaching a greater competitive advantage, hangars’ assembly times have been drastically reduced.

There are also other characteristics that define and support this new technology. First, being high energy efficient and having fast-opening hangar doors are key factors. And also, companies are looking for an optimized interior design for maintenance tasks and the space to store widebody aircrafts.

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