Logistic facilities

Quick, simple and high-quality solutions

From a small warehouse to a large distribution center for e-commerce: Gaptek can do it for you

We offer integral logistic facilities solutions, adapted with the greatest rigor to the most demanding needs of your business.

Our logistic facilities solutions




Logistic centers



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Short assembly time

Predesigned solutions for a quick on-site assembly

Turnkey solutions

From the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the buildings

Predefined quality

All constructive elements comply with CE marking and undertake quality controls

Energy efficiency

Passive systems are incorporated for major energy savings

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance due to the aluminum structure, even when in aggressive environments


Expandable solutions thanks to the use of the modular architecture principle

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Why Gaptek as a logistic facilities solution?
Gaptek offers the building solutions that suits our clients’ specific needs best.

The benefits of the Gaptek system for the logistic sector are numerous: the building’s demountability, a great adaptability, short construction times and high-quality finishes.

What is Gaptek’s expertise in the logistics sector?
The most relevant project delivered by Gaptek is the design and construction of a 32,000 sqm Cargo Facility for Turkish Airlines, located in the Istanbul New Airport.

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Coal storage complex in Astafiev Terminal will be designed by Gaptek

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