Successful presentation of Gaptek at FEINDEF

Our team presented the Gaptek system and our products at FEINDEF, an event celebrated in Madrid from the 20th to the 31st of May. The Gaptek team had the opportunity to exhibit their life-size products at FEINDEF, the International Defense and Security Fair, which...

Gaptek will exhibit life-size products at FEINDEF

Gaptek will present its construction system and its innovations at the International Defense and Security Fair (FEINDEF), which will be held for the first time in Madrid from May 29th to 31st. In our large exhibition space we will show our products on a real scale,...

UAV hangar, support buildings and communication towers for the NSPA

We are proud to announce the finalization of the first project contracted through the NSPA, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The project consists of the delivery of deployable support buildings for the new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the Air Force of the...

Gaptek at SITL Paris 2019

Gaptek will exhibit at SITL in Paris from the 26th to the 28th of March. The Transport and Logistics Innovation Week is one of the main logistics exhibitions in Europe, gathering more than 500 exhibitor organizations and 30,000 visitors from a great variety of...

A400M hangar, designed and built by Gaptek, is rented by Airbus

Airbus Defence & Space has rented an MRO A400M hangar for the modernization of the military aircraft in Sevilla, which was designed and built by Gaptek. The European consortium reports that with these new facilities, added to the others 11,000 square metres of...

Modular logistic center for Turkish Cargo is into operation

The 32,000 sqm modular logistic center that Gaptek delivered to Turkish Airlines has carried out the first air cargo transportations from Istanbul New Airport. Turkish Airlines has carried out two first cargo transportations. The domestic operation flew from Istanbul...

Engine maintenance center is delivered to the Spanish Air Force

Gaptek has performed through a joint venture with Acciona Construcción the implementation of an engine maintenance center in Zaragoza, Spain.  The engine workshop has been provided to the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR in French) and the end user...

Aircraft shelter for aircraft launching to the Spanish Air Force

Gaptek has successfully provided an aircraft shelter for aircraft launching to the Spanish Air Force. The aircraft shelter, as well as all Gaptek products, is easily assembled, demountable and relocatable thanks to Gaptek's simple construction system. Moreover, its...

Reaching Antarctica with our modular warehouse

This modular warehouse was built in the unique Antarctica. We are expanding our international presence by supplying our products around the world. The prefabricated modular warehouse has been constructed in the Spanish Base of Gabriel de Castilla and carried out by...

Modular hospital built with Gaptek structures in South Sudan

The international NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) built a modular hospital in South Sudan using Gaptek modules.Gaptek has worked with MSF in order to deeply understand their needs and provide them with the modular hospital solutions that comply with the NGO's...

Infrastructural needs at the speed of aeronautics

Considering the dynamism and fast growth of the aeronautics sector, infrastructures used in the sector need to respond at the same speed.    Traditional constructions are associated with a high cost and long implementation times, which can turn into a...

Gaptek at the international exposition AidEx 2018 in Brussels

AidEx is an exhibition that is the largest of its kind in the world, with private meeting areas, training programs, networking receptions and a dedicated awards program that recognizes people and innovations that inspire future generations.  AidEx is carried out...

MRO Europe 2018 in Amsterdam

Gaptek attended, for the second year in a row, the MRO Europe 2018 international fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event MRO Europe 2018 took place from October 16 to 18 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The leading companies in the aeronautical sector participated...

A400M hangars are designed and built by Gaptek

Gaptek has successfully completed the construction project of two A400M hangars located in the Zaragoza Air Force Base. The project, which comprises more than 16,000 square meters of constructed area in total, is part of an MRO facility complex. Gaptek has designed...

Gaptek es sinónimo de confianza

Tiempo de construcción corto

Prediseñamos nuestras soluciones para un rápido montaje en obra

Soluciones llave en mano

Nos encargamos del diseño, producción, construcción y mantenimiento

Calidad predefinida

Todos los elementos constructivos cumplen con el marcaje CE y se someten a controles de calidad

Eficiencia energética

Incorporamos sistemas pasivos para un mayor ahorro de energía

Bajo mantenimiento

Mínimo mantenimiento gracias a la estructura de aluminio, incluso en ambientes agresivos


Soluciones expandibles gracias al uso de estructuras replicables de la arquitectura modular

Contacta con el equipo Gaptek

Preguntas frecuentes (FAQs)

¿Por qué Gaptek como solución infraestructural en la aeronáutica?

Gaptek ha desarrollado un sistema constructivo propio con técnicas y materiales innovadores propios de la tecnología aeronáutica. La optimización de material y el control exhaustivo de tiempos y costes, así como de la calidad, nos permiten diferenciarnos de las soluciones tradicionales.

¿Qué productos ofrece Gaptek al sector aeronáutico?

La gran versatilidad del sistema Gaptek permite su aplicación no solo en diversos sectores sino también para diferentes tipologías de infraestructura y edificación. Dentro del sector aeronáutico, las soluciones más comunes son hangares de mantenimiento, shelters, almacenes, fábricas, oficinas y edificios corporativos.

¿Qué experiencia tiene Gaptek en el sector aeronáutico?

Gaptek tiene una amplia experiencia en el diseño, desarrollo, construcción y mantenimiento de infraestructuras dentro del sector aeronáutico, siendo las más representativas los cuatro hangares para el A400M para Airbus, OCCAR y el Ejército del Aire español, un Cargo Facility de 32,000m2 para Turkish Airlines, talleres de motores del A400M y almacenes para el EA, entre otros.

¿Cuál el ámbito geográfico de actuación de Gaptek?¿Construye en todo el mundo?

Gaptek puede proporcionar sus soluciones constructivas en cualquier parte del mundo, y adaptarse a cualquier normativa y condiciones meteorológicas extremas. Actualmente estamos presentes en más de 20 países y 5 continentes, incluida la Antártida.

¿Qué normativa cumplen los edificios Gaptek?

Gaptek puede adaptar sus soluciones constructivas a cualquier normativa. Nuestros estándares se basan generalmente en los Eurocódigos, IBC y CTE.

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Coal storage complex in Astafiev Terminal will be designed by Gaptek

On Tuesday June 18th Gaptek signed the contract for the design, supply and assistance in the construction of a high-tech modular roof for the unloading of coal, which will be built in the Astafiev terminal in Najodka, Eastern Russia. The terminal Astafiev JSC, in...

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