The General Hospital of Granollers launches the modules that will extend their emergency services

Feb 18, 2021

The service will add 16 room units and eight seats to attend patients with mild and severe symptoms.


Last Tuesday, the General Hospital of Granollers launched a pilot test for the operation of two prefabricated modules that expand their Emergency service area.

Once the process for necessary adjustments is completed, the modules, built by Gaptek company, in Barcelona, ​​will help grow the hospital’s emergency service with a total of 242 square meters. One of the modules is attached and connected to the Emergency Observation Unit, which gains a total of 14 rooms for medical treatment with a multipurpose use for patients of degree 3, that is, of moderate severity. These are visits that require urgent care but not immediate attention.

The other module is connected to the waiting room of the Emergency Services and has 8 seats and 2 consultation units. This is intended for patients with level 4 and 5, meaning patients with moderate mild symptoms that may wait or could be attended at primary care centers or at the Emergency Center, which opened as a Primary Care Emergency Center on Avenida del Parque de Granollers.

Hospital sources indicate that this capacity boost of the service will improve the medical care for patients in moderate or mild severe condition and will also allow to have more spaces in the Emergency area for patients with Covid and the ones waiting for the results which during their medical evaluation, they must remain isolated. The intention is that each patient can be isolated while avoiding the presence of infected patients who should not be in the corridors as it increases the risk of contagion.

The two modules will remain operational indefinitely until the expansion of the hospital is completed with a new multipurpose building financed by the Health Department and which, according to forecasts, should be completed by November this year. In fact, during the first quarter of this year, the Health Department’s commitment is to finalize the tender and awarding process for the construction works.

The building, which will occupy part of the currently free parking lot at the Hospital, will have an area of ​​9,000 square meters, of which 4,000 will be used for the emergency care. It is also expected the supply of 40 new beds, of which 8 would be for critical care. The budget is 25 million, of which will be necessary to add 5 to 7 million for the supply of the equipment.

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