Modular logistic center for Turkish Cargo is into operation

Feb 12, 2019

The 32,000 sqm modular logistic center that Gaptek delivered to Turkish Airlines has carried out the first air cargo transportations from Istanbul New Airport.

Turkish Airlines has carried out two first cargo transportations. The domestic operation flew from Istanbul New Airport to Ankara, and the international operation to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


On one hand, the first ever commercial domestic air cargo transportation from Istanbul Airport was performed with an A 321 Airbus. The aircraft landed in Ankara on February 4.

Turkish Airline’s modular logistic center was designed in order that one side of the building is intended to receive or unload cargo via landside transport, and the opposite side, via airside transport.

On the other hand, the first international transportation from the cargo facility was carried out to Lefkoşa (Nicosia) on the same day. The flight was executed with a Boeing 737 aircraft that left the Istanbul Airport.

To conclude, the new cargo operations from the Istanbul New Airport will bring major opportunities for the country. It will transform Turkey into the world’s logistics hub with a cargo capacity of 6 million tons.

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