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Generalitat de Catalunya’s new performance modules by GAPTEK

Aug 26, 2019

The Performance modules were designed to respond to the current emergency of operation of the center in the minimum possible time.

The Project was an emergency proposal determined by the DGAIA’s for th need to open an Immediate Care Center (CAI) for first care, identification and subsequent referral of the incresing number of young migrants with no family references who arrive each year in Catalonia.

Gaptek  responded with a turnkey project with the needs of DAGAIA to provide an infrastructure with traditional construction characteristics, but with the peculiarity of having a quick assembly and relocation possibility.

The modular building will consist of 2 ground floor Performance Modules connected to each other and raised from the ground.

CAI center will be a pioneering service, not a residential one, designed to offer immediate attention from the social and educational intervention to the children who imigrate alone to Catalonia.

The center will provide young people with a first contact to a team of professionals that adminístrate and direct the necessary care from an educational perspective. After the completing the procedures, the young people will be referred to the resource where the General Directorate for Children and Adolescents (DGAIA) assigns them a place. The maximum stay in the center will be of 24 hours.



Following the Gaptek philosophy, the structure is designed according to the modularity of a base grid of 2.40×2.40m that allows to offer 10 different spaces. This include a reception, a metal detector arc, a police identification room, personal interview rooms, and multipurpose rooms to perform group dynamics.

In addition, the building has rest rooms, a kitchen-office, a warehouse, an area for educators and personal objects and services equipped with showers and changing rooms

The Performance Module complies with the European Building Technical Code, installed with the equipment of a traditional building such as electrical installation, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation, floor lighting, fire protection and emergency exits.

In this way, the Immediate Care Center (CAI) provided by Gaptek will facilitate the work of the DAIA by meeting all the requirements and needs for the development of its social work.


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