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About us

Your concern is our challenge and your satisfaction, our prize


Gaptek was born more than 10 years ago with the aim of creating an innovative and disruptive system in the construction of buildings, offering a versatile product with the ability to create countless solutions in different areas.

As a global company, it is vital to understand the dynamics of the market and each client’s needs. This has allowed us to expand our portfolio of solutions, adapting to the circumstances of each moment.

We maintain a leadership position in the sector thanks to continuous improvement in the company’s products, services and processes. We focus on generating a competitive advantage to maintain long-term sustainable growth.

Our commitments to the sustainable development goals are evident in the system we have developed, using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

The people who make Gaptek represent the main asset of the company, allowing constant growth and progress. The fusion of talent and a multicultural approach are the key to the success of the company.

Our mission as a company goes beyond business growth: we intent to contribute positively to the construction sector, society and the world in which we live.





Tomas Feliu, President of GAPTEK

Our 360º vision of the services
We have a 360º vision of the services we offer to our clients, from the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the building.

Gaptek offers all services from the engineering and design of the project, the production and supply of materials, to the logistics of all constructive elements and the construction of the building. We also include after-sales maintenance and a future adaptation of the building.

Working in sectors as demanding as the aeronautics and defence has allowed us to develop a much more advanced technology that we currently use in the sectors of logistics and social development.


In Gaptek we manage all steps for realize the facility, from the beginning idea to the delivery of the operating building.

1 Consulting Stage

Gaptek focuses on your most demanding needs to define the most suitable solution. Therefore, we can offer you the solution with certain the specifications and characteristics that meet all your requirements.

2 Engineering and R&D

Gaptek designs the buildings according to your needs, incorporating R&D in the new product development through an in-house engineering. This allows a total customization using innovative techniques such as BIM design, 3D printing and prototyping.

3 Production

Gaptek manufactures 90% of the constructive elements applied to the project before its construction.This allows us to ensure a predefined time and quality and optimized costs.

4 Logistics

Gaptek adapts all the constructive elements in order to be transported with a major efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing transportation.This allows us to reach the most remote areas and maximize the optimization in transportation.

5 Construction

Gaptek provides all constructive means and/or trains the client in order for it to be self-sufficient in this phase, always under Gaptek’s supervision. No heavy machinery is required thanks to the simplified assembly system using clicking and screwing methods.

6 After-sales services

Gaptek provides all support during and after the construction of the building. The project manager will always be at your disposal.

7 Maintenance

Gaptek provides all maintenance services internationally to guarantee an optimal building performance. Our solutions require low maintenance, which is managed using BIM Facility Management.

8 Adaptation

Every Gaptek solution contemplates evolving/adaptive characteristics depending on the solution. The Gaptek System has no limits. Our solutions can be designed for a future expansion or reconfiguration without interrupting our client’s activity.

Gaptek is synonymous with trust

Short build time

Pre-design and production of buildings for rapid assembly on site.

Turnkey solutions

We offer turnkey solutions, from design, construction, adaptation to building maintenance.

gaptek logo png

Predefined quality

All construction elements can comply with the CE marking and are subjected to the strictest quality controls.

Energy efficiency

We incorporate passive systems for greater energy savings.

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance of the structures, even in aggressive environments, due to the antioxidant properties of aluminum.


Expandable and adaptable buildings to your activity thanks to the use of replicable structures of modular architecture.

We make reality your project

Know our capabilities. We invite you to see our corporate video. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be proud to help you make your project come true.