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Logistic sector

From a small warehouse to a large distribution center for eCommerce.

Our vision

Gaptek’s logistics solutions take into account that people and machines must work in harmony to offer greater productivity and better customer service.

Logistics is a fundamental factor for merchandise trade, a sector that does not stop growing year after year. Consequently, it is necessary to implement logistics centers and warehouses that allow to reach all over the world in a quick and safe way.

Likewise, the rhythm to which the logistics industry advances imposes that companies have a high ability to react to global changes.

That is why Gaptek’s solutions suppose an excellent choice thanks to their capacity for relocation and scalability. In this way, if in the future it is necessary to move a warehouse or increase its size, with Gaptek it is possible.

The range of logistics solutions that Gaptek offers is wide and flexible, with the option of building structures of different size or structure.


Our solutions

engine maintenance center

Nuestras soluciones cumplen con los mas exigentes estándares y certificaciones, asi como la mas avanzada tecnologia que las infraestructuras militares precisan para cumplir con su cometido allí donde se precisen.

Gaptek is synonymous with trust

Short build time

Pre-design and production of buildings for rapid assembly on site.

Turnkey solutions

We offer turnkey solutions, from design, construction, adaptation to building maintenance.

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Predefined quality

All construction elements can comply with the CE marking and are subjected to the strictest quality controls.

Energy efficiency

We incorporate passive systems for greater energy savings.

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance of the structures, even in aggressive environments, due to the antioxidant properties of aluminum.


Expandable and adaptable buildings to your activity thanks to the use of replicable structures of modular architecture.


Why Gaptek as a logistic facilities solution?
Gaptek offers the building solutions that suits our clients’ specific needs best.

The benefits of the Gaptek system for the logistic sector are numerous: the building’s demountability, a great adaptability, short construction times and high-quality finishes.

What is Gaptek’s scope? Can you build everywhere in the world?

Gaptek can design and build constructive solutions everywhere in the world and adapt to any kind of regulation and the most extreme weather conditions. Nowadays we are present in more than 20 countries and 5 continents, including the Antarctica.

What regulations do Gaptek buildings comply with?

Gaptek can adapt its solutions to any regulation. Our standards are generally based on the IBC, Eurocodes and CTE.

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