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Gaptek and Nolac Enginyers share offices to increase synergies

by Jan 28, 2019

We would like to share the article that has been published today, May 22nd 2018, in La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper, about the union of Nolac Enginyers and Gaptek in the same workspace.

Nolac Enginyers is a consulting and engineering company specialized in the structure calculation for construction. The experienced growth during the last years has brought the company to move its facilities to a new headquarters and join forces with Gaptek in the same workspace, another company in the group. All of this is discussed with its managing director, Jordi Lacambra.

Nolac celebrates its 15th birthday with a relocation…

Indeed. Nolac Enginyers was founded in October 2003 with the purpose of offering a customized service specialized in structure calculations, both for new and rehabilitated constructions. Nowadays we count on a team of 15 professionals and this growth has made us move to the number 226 in Balmes street in Barcelona, where Gaptek is headquartered.

Why has the decision of relocating the headquarters been made?

Because we thought that joining Nolac Enginyers and Gaptek in the same workspace will help us increase our synergies and respond to the new needs of our clients. It will also represent a tool to grow our team and reach the capacity of 20 professionals in the future.

What is the synergy that exists between Nolac Enginyers and Gaptek?

Gaptek is a company specialized in the design, engineering, production, installation and maintenance of rapid implementation buildings such as hangars, industrial warehouses, modular buildings and large span structures. Their experience in materials such as carbon fiber and structural aluminum has allowed Nolac to incorporate them in some of our projects. This is due to the fact that they are lighter materials with the same resistance as steel, which proofs its validity. This experience accumulated by Gaptek has allowed us to count on a very evolved technology that can be nowadays implemented to civilian projects.

What makes Nolac different than its competitors?

I think that there are many aspects that define us. The first one is our experience, as our technicians have long professional careers in structural calculation. The second factor is innovation. This includes the materials we are betting on, as well as new software and equipment for the modelling of buildings and terrains.

What role does technology play on a daily basis in the company?

It is very important for the execution of our projects. The last step we took in this matter was to invest in the BIM model for virtualization, which allows us to model structures before their construction in order to validate its performance. This technology, altogether with experience and new materials, allows us to offer integral solutions with an added value to our clients. The design using Autocad, which has always been prevalent in engineering, has now given way to a very powerful tool: the BIM analysis. This will change the way of representing and designing projects.

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