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Gaptek attends the 35th edition of SERA “European Session for Armament Representatives”, Paris, from March to June 2024

Apr 9, 2024

Gaptek participates in the 35th edition of SERA “European Session for Armament Representatives” in Paris, from March to June 2024, organized by the Institut Français d’Etudes Supérieures pour la Défense Nationale (IHEDN) and Higher Military Education.

The director of Gaptek’s Defence Division, Enrique Graullera, has successfully completed the first part of the course, held at the prestigious facilities of the Military Academy in Paris.

This course, organised by the French Institute of Higher Studies for National Defence (IHEDN) and Higher Military Education, brings together personnel from the Armed Forces, official organisations and the defence industry from member countries of the European Union, as well as from European allied countries such as Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom, among others, totalling the participation of 24 nations.

Gaptek attends the 35th edition of SERA "European Session for Armament Representatives", Paris, from March to June 2024.

In addition, presentations on national perspectives on European Armaments Cooperation have been given by representatives from countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and the European Aerospace and Defence Industry Association (ASD).

The next sessions of the course will be held in Austria, in Vienna and Graz, and in Sweden, in Stockholm and Kvarn, followed by another session in Paris. These sessions are expected to continue the exploration of related topics and to carry out visits and knowledge exchanges similar to those carried out during the first week of the course.

Gaptek remains committed to participating in key events in the Defence Sector, thus contributing to the strengthening of international relations and the promotion of innovation in infrastructure, modular buildings, security and defence.

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