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Jan 18, 2024

On January 1st 2024, GAPTEK joined the Association of Contracting Companies with Public Administrations – AESMIDE, in the Area of Infrastructures, equipment and facilities.

AESMIDE was founded in 1984 with the aim of acting as an interlocutor for service and supply companies with the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Today, it brings together more than 70 Contracting Companies with the Ministry of Defence, as well as with other Public Administrations in Spain and other States. It is a non-profit Association whose main purpose is to promote its associated companies, fostering and defending their capabilities in the national and international market.

AESMIDE is a multisectorial Association in which its companies are mainly specialised in the supply of diverse goods and services, with experience in the development of operators that solve outsourcing projects with the maximum efficiency and savings possible. It advocates transparent contracting that upholds the principles of maximum publicity, concurrence, as well as quality and balance in contractual services. It defends actions aimed at protecting SMEs and promotes interrelation between the companies in the Association.

As part of its mission, AESMIDE provides constant and close support both to its associates and to the Administration, to which it provides specific solutions, regardless of their level or nature, creating suitable channels for its companies to enter into communication with Public Entities of all kinds, establishing a useful and profitable dialogue for both parties.

The Association provides the Administrations with the capabilities of its member companies to carry out the projects necessary to fulfill the functions of said Administrations.

To conclude, within its objectives, AESMIDE carries out a series of events that aim at participation and interaction between the Administration and the company in order to improve knowledge between the two parties involved in the will agreement that improves public procurement.

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