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Gaptek participates in an R&D&i project on strategic lines 2021

Jan 26, 2024

MOD4SMART aims to improve the energy and operational performance of buildings through the application of smart technologies, focusing on industrialized construction as a key element of the future, researching and developing simplified models to be integrated into building intelligence systems, which in Depending on optimal parameterization, from the point of view of complexity and computational cost, they allow a response to the energy flows that are produced and maximize the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

  • Creation of a virtual co-simulation environment that allows the joint analysis of different factors of the building’s behavior.
  • Development of simplified models that facilitate the energy management of buildings and the integration of renewable systems as part of the building.
  • Development of modular solutions applicable to new and renovated buildings, and analysis of their sustainability.
  • Demonstrate improved building performance in terms of cost and efficiency and evaluation of improved intelligence indicator for SRI buildings.
  • Definition and development of simplified theoretical and experimental models and creation of a virtual co-simulation environment.
  • Determination of the design characteristics of industrialized construction solutions.
  • Integration of Renewable Systems in building typologies and development of scenarios in Smart Cities.
  • Sustainability evaluation and calculation of the SRI indicator of the proposed optimal scenario.
  • Creation of an experimental environment for data generation, optimization and model validation.
Expected results
  • Virtual co-simulation environment and experimental environment for the evaluation and validation of models.
  • Simplified models obtained through theoretical research and experimental analysis to be used in building systems.
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings through industrialized solutions, integration of renewables and improvement in their energy operations.
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