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Our Hospital Support Modules can help descongest Spanish hospitals

by Mar 29, 2020

Interview in La Razón to Joaquim Vila Ferrer – Marketing Manager
Published in La Razón el 22/03/2020
In extreme situations it is necessary, among other things, to act quickly, something that Covid-19 is putting the world on trial for. Strengthening and expanding health infrastructures, as China did, and astonishing the planet by building an hospital in a week, is becoming an urgent need.

In the West, there are also solutions that can create hospitals just as quickly. The modular construction system of the Spanish company Gaptek, used until now by NGOs in humanitarian aid missions, allowed the construction of standardized, prefabricated, modular and good quality buildings, adapted to different requirements and contexts, such as the one created by the coronavirus. 

¿What is the construction system developed by Gaptek?
Gaptek’s construction system is based on the modularity and prefabrication of the elements prior to the construction of the building, which allows an exhaustive and optimised control of times and costs, as well as the quality of each piece, as it is pre-designed and produced in the factory.

Once in place, the use of only mechanical joints, without welding, allows a simple construction, reducing the time of the assembly process and allowing for the complete disassembly and relocation of the structure if necessary.

I Understand it’s a construction method based on the assembly of pieces

Yes, indeed, we use a highly qualified construction system, which meets the most demanding standards of safety and efficiency, especially considering that we are talking about a construction oriented to the health sector in this case.

This is a new concept of flexible design and construction, which Gaptek has so far successfully developed in the military sector and which has been applying in sectors such as airports, logistics, retail and humanitarian aid.

Are they suitable for any kind of field? Where can these modular buildings be erected?

Since it does not require foundations, our modular construction system can be adapted to areas that are usually used for other functions within hospital or health care complexes, for example parking lots, rest areas, accesses, etc. It is in those locations where our solutions become Hospital Support Modules (HSM).

What are the main advantages of Gaptek’s proposal within the framework of the needs that arised regarding the fight against COVID-19 in Spain?

First of all it is a qualified space care solution and secondly, a solution that can also be available in a short time. We provide health professionals with a coherent space with the purpose of increasing the capacity of admission and thus being able to provide assistance to affected citizens within a hospital logistics and under control. This is the need covered by the Hospital Support Modules, a need that fits perfectly with the emergency situation provoked in Spain by the coronavirus. By referring less severe cases to isolated modules located on the outer perimeter of the hospital centers, the space of the interior facilities is recovered for the most critical patients who require vital systems for their treatment.

What about internationally?

On the international level, Gaptek has extensive experience in providing HSM in the third world.

Thanks to our construction system, we build comprehensive hospitals with capacities of 200 to 300 patients, which can also be located in remote areas, for example in Africa or Central America. In fact, we are currently operating in Chile and Colombia, where they are preparing for the massive impact that the coronavirus will have on their population, in areas where the health infrastructures are deficient to cover this type of situation.

PAC hangar
PAC hangar
PAC hangar
“Until we run out of our current stock, we have a five-day response time”
Does your construction system have any complexity regarding the transport or the assembly of the building?

Our system is optimized to be moved anywhere, by land, sea or air. And it is a construction system which is learnt easily by the local teams: a short learning process is enough to be able to execute the project from start to finish. At Gaptek we have the capacity to direct and manage the project both remotely and locally.

Could you refer any success project in hospitals?

Yes, we have recently done some very good work with an NGO that has extensive experience in providing health care in third world countries. In this case, their professionals were able to move from providing health services in tents with plastic floors to having decent, quality facilities for both medical staff and patients, thanks to our HSM.

We carried out the first successful tests in our logistics centre in Porqueras (Gerona) in 2015. To date, we have delivered more than 11,000 m2 in modules to hospital centres in Haiti, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

In how many time could you build your hospital modules in Spain?

Until we run out of our current stock, we have a five-day response time.

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