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Spanish Air Force “Marfil Detachment” infrastructures

Mar 15, 2022

Spanish Air Force “Marfil Detachment” infrastructures contracted by NSPA to Gaptek has been delivered in the summer of 2021.

The infrastructures for the Ivory Detachment of the Spanish Air Force (SAF) have been contracted by NSPA to Gaptek under the technical requirements provided by the Infrastructure Section of the Engineering Directorate of the SAF Logistics Support Command.

Among the international commitments undertaken by the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Spain are the support to various organizations and countries in the African continent. One of those supports was provided by the Ivory Detachment, which had been operating with a C-130 Hercules aircraft since January 2013 in Dakar.

Currently, the Detachment has two C-295 aircraft operating from the new Blaise Diagne International Airport.

To this aim, the SAF, has required deployable infrastructures to NSPA with the utmost urgency and the Agency has contracted Gaptek.

The contracted infrastructures were a deployable hangar of 1.200sqm and a deployable two-story building of 240sqm each.

The infrastructures of Gaptek, a Spanish modular architecture company, well known not only by NSPA but also by OCCAR, Spanish MoD and US MoD among others, comply with the International Building Codes (IBC), as any permanent building.

The main features of the Gaptek system are that its buildings, although permanent, are implanted in one third of the time used by permanent constructions and can be easily and quickly dismantled or reconfigured.

In addition, the construction of Gaptek buildings emits between 21% and 28% less CO2 emissions than traditional steel and concrete constructions.

Both the building and the hangar erection took a little over 2 months each.

Gaptek also provided a training course on its construction system to SAF specialists that will provide the military with the capacity to dismantle or reconfigure buildings if necessary.

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