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Gaptek will design a Coal storage complex in Astafiev Terminal

Jun 26, 2019

On Tuesday June 18th Gaptek signed the contract for the design, supply and assistance in the construction of a high-tech modular roof for the unloading of coal, which will be built in the Astafiev terminal in Najodka, Eastern Russia.

The terminal Astafiev JSC, in collaboration with the companies Schade and Marubeni, is implementing a construction project of a covered complex for the handling and storage of coal. All three parties have an extensive experience in the construction of more than 60 similar terminals in the Pacific Asia region.  

Building the coal storage terminal will be the first experience of this type in the far east of Russia. It will allow the implementation of innovative technologies for the handling and storage of coal.

The buildings of the coal storage terminal are environmentally safe and of  high-tech which is due to their extensive requirements for this two. The dimensions are the following: 50m long x 50m wide without any intermediate support and 35m high.

In addition to the specific geometry of the coal storage buildings, these are adapted to the demands of wind and snow loads. These requirements are according to the Siberian climate: 0.6 kPa of wind and 1.0 kPa of snow.

The structure of the coal storage buildings will be composed of aluminum pillars and beams and the envelope made of corrugated metal sheet panels.

All the material will be sent from Spain, complying with the European standards and qualities, and the project will adapt to all Russian regulations required.

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