Environmental impact of the materials used in hangar construction

May 11, 2021



Gaptek has commissioned the independent consulting firm Zero Consulting to carry out a comparative analysis of the global warming potential of two materials: aluminum and steel; applied to the construction of aircraft hangar structures.

To resolve this doubt, the study has focused on the Life Cycle Analysis, which allows evaluating the environmental impacts of the product / material throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of the raw material, transportation, manufacture and use until it reaches the end of its useful life.

First, although the production of aluminum requires a large amount of energy, its extraction is carried out using renewable energy, which consequently reduces the environmental impact of its production.

On the other hand, due to the structural mechanical properties of aluminum, the weight of the aluminum hangar structure is 58.85% lighter compared to the steel hangar structure, benefiting the aluminum hangar construction system per sqm built.

Once all the parameters have been analyzed, the study concludes that the aluminum hangar has a lower environmental impact (77.31 kg of less eCO2 per m2) than the steel hangar. This result indicates that the aluminum hangar generates 21.20% less CO2 emissions than the steel hangar.

If we analyze each stage, both structures present a similar environmental impact in the extraction of the product and its manufacture, with aluminum being the material with the lowest CO2 emissions. This is due to the good performance of low carbon emissions in its manufacturing chain. The explanation for these low carbon emissions is the source of energy used for its manufacture.

Regarding the recycling process, aluminum has a better response than steel. The energy required to process secondary aluminum is 95% less than the production of primary aluminum, while the energy required to process secondary steel is 56%.

Gaptek remains committed to the environment, using 100% recyclable materials and building structures with a long useful life.


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